Alberta Lipedema Education Week
Dr Josef Stutz, Vascular Surgeon and Lipedema Specialist
Ian Soles,
Polly Armour,

Sandra Hall, Cofounder Lipedema Alberta
Erica Thompson, Cofounder Lipedema Alberta​

Karen Riva, ReAnn Sparkes, Jana Kuppers, Roxanna Guardado, Sandra Macrea, Shelley Boras, Linda Gust, Sandra Sylvester, Laura Sylvester, Marina Savelyeva, Betty Cooping
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Kelly Holzli, Erica Thompson, Simone Cramer, ian Soles, Polly Armour, Dr Josef Stutz, Sandra Hall 

Sandra Hall
Event Introduction-

How Alberta Lipedema Education Week Came to fruition and was created.  
Sandra's Story.

Audio Of Patient Panel and
Q and A 
July 4 - Afternoon of Learning
Patient Panel includes Sandra Hall, Erica Thompson, Polly Armour & Simone Cramer
Dr Josef Stutz
Key Note Speaker​
​Lipedema 101- Not All Fat is Created Equal

In his presentation, Dr Stutz will focus on diagnosis and treatment including etiology and diagnostic criteria; differentiating lipedema from obesity,lymphedema, and other adipose disorders; complications and co-morbidities; and conservative and operative therapy, including a detailed explanation of WAL therapeutic liposuction.

Dr. Stutz is a vascular surgeon who has been successfully treating lipedema with liposuction for twenty years.  He pioneered the use of water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL), a method which had been previously used for surgery on soft tissues such as the brain and liver. Using WAL, Dr. Stutz is able to operate even on late-stage lipo-lymphedema patients.
He is a frequent speaker at medical conferences on lipedema, and regularly collaborates with colleagues to demonstrate his techniques. His wife Jutta assists him in his practice in Bavaria.  
Audio File of Dr Stutz Presentation
July 4 - Afternoon of Learning 

This information is made possible for the sole purpose of creating awareness and educating about Lipedema. It can not be used or sold for monetary gain of any sort.

PDF Of Dr Stutz Presentation
Ian Soles

Ian Soles presentation will draw on 23 years of clinical experience treating lymphatic dysfunction including lipedema as a Vodder certified Lymphatic Therapist as well as current research on the lymphatic system.   More specifically he will describe Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) and Combined Decongestive Therapy (CDT) and discuss why they are an effective conservative treatment for Lipedema based on what we currently understand about lymphatic physiology and pathophysiology. 
Ian has an undergraduate degree in Physical Education from the University of Alberta and a Diploma in Massage Therapy from MacEwan University. He co-founded Salutaris Centre for Lymphatic & Massage Therapy in Edmonton, and 
co-leads the Alberta Lymphedema Network;

Audio File of Ian Soles Presentation
July 4- Afternoon of Learning 
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Polly Armour
Polly shares her perspective as a woman living with lipedema and as an advocate for the disease.  She touches on the history of lipedema awareness, describes her journey to Germany for life-changing surgery, and the difference that proper diagnosis and treatment can make for someone with the disease.

Polly Armour studied Applied Ecology at Rutgers University, and worked as an environmental scientist while operating an organic farm in New York’s Hudson Valley.  In 2013, she discovered she had lipedema, eventually undergoing WAL liposuction with Dr. Josef Stutz.  Afterwards, she acted as a “patient pilot,” helping American women with lipedema navigate the journey to Germany, and she realized how badly we need this treatment in the States, since many people cannot make a trip overseas. Through her company Stutz Lipedema Services LLC, she assists Dr Stutz’s patients, plans his teaching trips, and advocates for women with Lipedema.

Audio File of Polly Armour Presentation
July 4- Afternoon of Learning 

This information is made possible for the sole purpose of creating awareness and educating about Lipedema. It can not be used or sold for monetary gain of any sort.

Polly's Power Point Presentation

​​​RED DEER - JULY 5th


The very first Alberta Lipedema Education Week was fantastic. Thank you to all who helped us make the events so successful.



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